PlanWise4Blue is an application that combines models of marine economy and cumulative impact assessment. Such a model allows one to assess the economic benefits of various management scenarios along with their environmental impact across Estonian sea space. Outcomes of the model make it possible to work towards sustainable solutions to maximize the economic benefit gained from the use of marine resources with minimum damage to the environment. The aim of the economy model is to increase the capacity for knowledge-based management of marine resources and accounting for their potential economic benefits. The aim of the cumulative impact model is to identify various human pressures and account for their cumulative effects on the natural environment, while considering regional differences of nature. The spatial resolution of the model is 1 km2, and the temporal timescale is 1 year.

Uses of the model:

  • Assesses economic benefits of sectors such as fisheries, aquaculture, reed harvesting, wind energy, maritime transport and recreation;
  • Assesses cumulative impacts of human uses on various natural resources;
  • Displays values of ecosystem service (provisioning, regulating and maintenance services) indicators across Estonian sea space;
  • Assesses the effect of various scenarios to model output.
In case of further questions, please contact Ms Triin Lepland from the Estonian Ministry of Finance (


The outputs of the model should be tackled ONLY as a discussion platform, NOT as a final result due to the limitation of knowledge or data availability that may increase uncertainty of the model output. The European Commission or the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information the model contains. Estonian Ministry of Finance is not responsible for any use of model output data in subsequent processes. The economy model does not account for indirect benefits to the economy that arise as a by-product and/or value added of production chain. PlanWise4Blue only accounts for Estonian sea space and does not consider cross-border effects.